Daily Archives: January 21, 2014

the things that make me weepy these days (of which there are plenty)

This past three day weekend M was out of town so I was home with the girls. We had a few things to do outside of the house, but for the most part we stayed in and played. This can go one of two ways. The girls can settle on something to do together (peacefully), or it can go very, very badly, and lots of stomping and huffing and angry voices can be heard. For the most part, all went well, and there was a dance camp to attend, and more than one Lego marathon.

The weekend before, both E and M feft for a Girl Scout camping trip, and when F and I came back to the house that first day she was pretty sad to find an empty house. We headed up to her room to settle in for naptime, and she found this on her bed.

Dear F, You can sleep with sock monkey while I’m gone to remember me. I love you! Love, E

Sock monkey never leaves E’s side at night, so I was surprised that she had left him behind. F asked me to read her the note over and over again, and then she said “She really must love me,” and carried sock monkey with her the rest of the weekend.