admiring: 31 january 2014

What I’m reading: The Goldfinchby Donna Tartt. I did it – I dove in, and I’m not sorry. See you on the flip side.

Speaking of books, an interview with Isabel Allende on the Diane Rehm Show was the highlight of my (radio listening) week. Particularly the moment (around the 48 minute mark) where she speaks of her definition of home, wholly apart from the object home itself. 

My home is where [my husband] is. The person you sleep with, the person you tell all the secrets to. That’s your home, and your home is also memory, the territory of memory.

My friend (who is tired of the cold and the snow) sent me pictures of Andres Amador’s sand art and everything warmed up a bit.

Dreaming of glass fronted refrigerators, you know – so that my Instagram #onmycounter series can start including #inmyrefrigerator. Same friend as above is getting one in her new kitchen, and she’s promised to pet it for me. I’m completely jealous happy for her. 

image of Anke Weckmann’s work, via Design*Sponge

Design*Sponge had a new entry in my favorite series on their blog. Anke Weckmann’s sketchbook is delightful – I built the entire art wall in F’s room around that blue bird drawing in the upper right hand corner. Bonus points if you can find it on the wall in the link.

We really pulled back on our holiday gift giving, but we’re hoping to make up for it at Valentine’s Day. We have a lot of people we love, and we want to tell them. E’s pick for a good V-Day gift for her teachers – Brain Beats and Brain Beats 2 CD’s. A current favorite in both of our vehicles, and an endless source of joy for me to hear the girls calling out state capitals in their sleep. My favorite Brain Beats / F quote? “Hey Mom, I think you may have a crush, because your circulatory system is making you blush.” A love song about the body’s systems (and blushing) seems like a pretty good Valentine to me. 

And to conclude – I’m planning to start featuring individual blogs that I love, and I’m slowly building that list up on this site. I plan to put this dish on the menu for next week, and will tell you more about my love for this blog – and this poem – very soon. 


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  1. Kathleen O'Donnell

    Hi from a voice from the past! I’d love to hear your reactions to “The Goldfinch.” It really pulled me in, and I was sorry to finish it — which I did a couple of weeks ago.

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