Daily Archives: February 15, 2014

and the winners are…

Two Sarah’s and a Jen! (I’ll send you emails later today with the details.)

Thanks for playing – I get these pretty regularly, so I’ll certainly do this again. 

In other news, I saw the Apartment Therapy Homies were starting again. I went over to nominate several of my favorite food and home design blogs and saw a few nominations for third story(ies) – so thanks to you guys for that. I’m not always the best at reaching out beyond my little circle, but I’m always grateful for the connections that I make when I do.

Voting is here and here – and it’s always a good spot to find those blogs that you might have been missing. Next week I plan to start featuring some of the blogs that I enjoy reading, and maybe with the Homies going on I’ll get a little more motivated to finish formatting all my house tour posts!