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Lego Movie

Everything is Awesome! If you aren’t singing that in your head non-stop, then you need to stop what you are doing and go see The Lego Movie. Take it from someone who bows out of most “children’s” movies, this one is fun for everyone. After each initial Lego kit “by the instruction book” build, we are a Lego free-for-all family – so the movie was especially fun for us to watch. We don’t keep our kits separated, and the girls build anything and everything with their bricks. Recently, E made a Hogwarts mash up and F built some corresponding Hogwarts garages for her matchbox maintenance vehicles. (We make a lot of garages in our house.)

Hogwarts Remix

Hogwarts Garages

If you are still in the Lego mood after watching the movie, here’s a tiny, adventurous Lego photographer that will completely make your day.

Or even a Lego family portrait  DIY for the camera shy. 

I promise I’m not really hinting but if anything from Heidi Swanson’s Quitokeeto shop mysteriously ended up on my kitchen counter I wouldn’t complain.

Like, say, this Mono Filio Teapot. I’m almost just as happy to look at her photographs on those gorgeous kitchen countertops.


And since we’re on the subject of kitchens, can I tell you how much I love the Found Recipe series on All Things Considered? Last week’s (Purple) Sweet Potato Gnocchi has me ready to hunt down some Stokes Purple sweet potatoes this weekend.

purple-gnocchi-11Celina della Croce and Nathan Hoyt/Courtesy of Julia della Croce

Frascatelli is on my radar.

I also heard wind just yesterday that Jeni Britton is coming out with a second cookbook this summer – just in time for summer birthdays! (Your guess is as good as mine as to when summer might actually start this year – spring is holding out for sure.) When the pelting ice begins on Sunday, I’ll dream of delicious summer ice cream flavors, dripping in the heat.

Mad Art Gallery has a nice exhibition going on, I particularly enjoyed Travis Lawrence’s work, as well as John Selberg’s.

Next weekend the St. Louis Craft Mafia presents the Green with Indie Craft Show at Webster University – I’m looking forward to going with the girls (and bringing along my visiting mom as well).

Green with Indie Flyer

My favorite vendor will be there – The Mad Magnolia Candle Co. – check out her foodie inspired candles here, and then stop in and pick one up for yourself and a few for gifts. Area favorite food trucks will be there, and the whole thing sounds like a great time. Let me know if you are going – maybe we can meet up for a cup of coffee and a spin around the booths.