admiring: 6 march 2014

anstruther-kitchen-remodelista-1photo by Henry Bourne via Remodelista

It’s a short list this week, although I’ll start it off by saying I’m admiring the sunshine this morning. Keep it up.

That kitchen above. More on that soon.

This piece on sorting through a lost loved one’s items. My parents are doing a lot of that right now, and brought some funny old things of mine with them (they are visiting right now). Like my middle school art “portfolio”, good times.

This winter would have been the winter for that fireplace dream. Maybe I should have done this in the interim.

imagephoto by Donna Rickles

And don’t forget the Green With Indie Craft Show tomorrow! Maybe I’ll see you there.

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  1. That’s a very nice kitchen. When we redo ours in the next year or two I wish we could bring in light like that to our landlocked kitchen, but we have enough other issues to solve. Of course the kitchen is currently dark green.

    I found middle and high school art my parents had previously sent while moving houses. Good times for sure, I completely understand.

  2. Thanks for sharing the piece on the task and the sorting. It’s looming so very near in my future. Just a “conversation” with my mom…yes, that’s what it will be.

  3. Ahh! I should have checked when you were going to the Indie Craft Fair. We went and it was so cute! Did you see the concrete necklaces? Love. I’m kicking myself for not getting one.
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  4. On item #2: for my job, I spend a lot of time sorting through the belongings of the recently deceased, especially those that don’t have family close enough to do the task themselves or at all. I have found gold bars sewed into draperies, letters from deceased US Presidents in between mattresses, bank notes and stock certificates from the 1800s, and piles upon piles of personal correspondence. It’s incredibly awkward at first, uncovering long-hidden secrets, but moves quickly into awe and respect for the deceased. Among the trash there can be treasures.

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