Daily Archives: March 19, 2014

under construction: see you on the flip side

KristinUnderConstructionMy sweet friend Becky just wrote a few days ago about being six months out from her back surgery. And while feet are nothing compared to the spine, I’ve found her words on being patient and taking time to heal very encouraging. Like me, she’s not much of a sitter / rest-er / wait-er. I told her how much I appreciated her optimism and her realism – and even the  under construction sign she made for herself. A short time later she sent me one of my own.

I’ve always thought leaving the house to go on vacation felt strange – this sort of feeling of being untethered to home for a little while or a long while, returning home in a different state. Those feelings magnified at other points in my life – like leaving for the hospital to give birth, knowing that the next time I walked through the door things would feel different and I would be different. This is temporary though – being carried over the threshold by my husband won’t be a permanent state of affairs. I’ve seen him carry giant Christmas trees and couches over that threshold, so I think he can handle me.

Looking forward to this day being over, and moving on to funny pictures of my giant feet, taking my own steps again, and – soon enough – driving! It will be like seventeen all over again. In the body of thirty-nine year old with a few screws in her feet!

See you on the flip side…