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admiring: 27 march 2014

I thought this Friday I’d just be bursting with fun things to share that I’d found during my eight days of leisurely lounging in my bed without a care in the world and a bevy of servants waiting on me hand and foot.

Ha. Not even close. Now I need to figure out how to record my time off at work – if I’ve plowed through all my sick days, do I really have to call any of it vacation? I barely even watched basketball, and I love basketball.

2014-03-18_1395186795This is me, according to F (and Playmobil)

That, however, was not me. I watched a couple of minutes of a couple of games on an iPad in between my pain medication induced naps and general feelings of malaise and melancholy. Sitting in front of a computer is about the only aspect of my work that I can manage at the moment, and the last thing I want to do is browse on it after hours. But I’ve a got a few things to share, and don’t want to get rusty, so here goes.

Can we talk showers for a moment? Let’s do (since I’m forced to forgo them completely for several weeks). This shower, open to the outdoors:


Heck, I’d take this one, at least for awhile.

Judy Blume and Lena Dunham talk about what you should (and shouldn’t) have on your reading list. Timely, since E’s plowing through my old paperbacks at record speed, including reading and re-reading, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, while lying next to me in the bed, patting my arm, fluffing my feet pillows and being all around awesome.


I finished this book, and this one. Thinking I’m going to pull Rebecca off the shelves downstairs (since we’re talking old copies of my paperbacks already), and this book off E’s shelves.

And last, but certainly not least, this fantastic source for all things happening locally (especially if you have kiddos in tow, but even if you don’t). The woman’s an organizational genius. I plan to click on this often – even if the extent of my next few months’ outings are limited to x-ray appointments and stitches removal. Ouch.

Perhaps your life has been more interesting than mine lately. If you’ve got anything good to share, do tell.

P.S. Thanks for all the virtual love and care this week. Instagram kept me sane and somewhat connected. Feel free to follow me (upper right hand corner – it’s set to private, but I’m happy to answer requests).