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admiring: 11 april 2014

I entered into my fourth week post surgery yesterday, and things really have started to improve. I’m still slow, but it’s been a week or more since I’ve needed any kind of pain relief. My feet seem to be healing nicely (we’ll see later today at the doctor’s), but the rest of my body feels like it’s completely falling apart. I’m anxiously awaiting week seven when I can finally start some physical therapy and get this body functioning again. Turns out I’d make a crappy sloth.

In the meantime, here are some things that have kept me distracted from the fact that it’s been twenty-three days since my washing routine did not include the phrase sponge bath:

I started my third book post surgery, but I feel like I’m distracted fairly easily from reading these days. I don’t want to blame my cell phone – a device that I used to plug in and walk away from every evening and night. Now I plug it in next to me upstairs, where I can get to it, but it’s amazing how much more I mess around on it when it’s within my reach. This piece on Here and Now made me wonder if I’ve given myself a (temporary) case of device dependence.


I just finished Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings. In general, I enjoy historical fiction, but I tend to steer clear of novels about slavery. I’m a proponent of reading and studying and discussing the subject in an indepth way – how about we start with our history textbooks? – but I do not derive leisurely pleasure from the subject in books or movies. This was one of the books my mom brought me to read while I recovered, and I will say that I loved the themes of reading, women’s rights, and especially the quilting stories woven throughout the novel.

I could listen to interviews and discussions on the subject all the time, though. This one yesterday was particularly touching.


 Photos and gorgeous quilts courtesy of Pam Hipp

And speaking of quilts, you simply must bookmark this new quilt site. An (online) friend just opened it, and I’m completely smitten (and inspired). Here’s the link to her blog as well, so you can read a little more about her process and the design of the quilts. Her first collection is titled “Adopt”, and is inspired by the little girl they recently added to their family – a little girl that lights up my Instagram feed almost daily. (That’s her daughter’s swoon-worthy quilt above.)


Pam writes: The ADOPT collection is inspired by the adoption of our daughter, Micah. She has added a bright center to our lives, and our arms can’t help but wrap around her and hold her tight. This collection is a riff on the traditional log cabin quilt block, with arms of iron gray and snowy white wrapped tightly around a bright center of color.

You may remember the story of the prayer quilt that was made for my niece. There is something about the embracing nature of the quilts in this collection that make me think of a quilt designed to bring comfort.

There’s a new place in town that looks interesting. Monday Supper Club? Sign me up. 

Local friends – have you bookmarked this calendar yet? It gets better (and fuller) every day.

E’s participating in a ukulele club at school right now – this interview and the music was a bright spot in my week. Make sure you are pronouncing it correctly. I feel like Sesame Street led me astray so many years ago.

 And finally – now here’s a rooftop garden…


 via Curbed