saturday afternoon in the garden

Spring has been exploding here, and it’s making it harder and harder to be housebound. I’ve been wanting to go to the garden for weeks, but I wasn’t all that thrilled at the idea of having someone push me around it in a wheelchair. Then we got our new membership cards (an annual birthday tradition from M’s parents) in the mail, and I remembered they came with lots of free passes for the tram. That seemed like a stellar idea for looking around, so we headed over there around lunch time.

I switched lenses on the camera and did my best to capture a few photos of the blooming masses from a great distance and a moving vehicle. There were blurry ones, of course, and more than a few with lots of people in them, but there were several that looked like I was standing right over them, leisurely strolling through the place on my own two feet under a canopy of magnolia blossoms that stretched from one end of the garden to the other.


4 Responses to saturday afternoon in the garden

  1. Beautiful!!!!! What a great day for the garden!

  2. Beautiful, a lot has changed in just the week since I was there last!

  3. Beautiful shots! Those pink magnolias are like a fairyland. Pretty flowers are a definite pick-me-up. Glad you’re doing well and out enjoying mother natures gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such great shots, Kristin! I am so glad you got some fresh air. I keep doing this silly thing where I think I feel alright enough to rake some leaves out of our garden, or walk to the playground and back 3 times in one day, then I end up hurting and feeling miserable for the next 2 days. It’s so hard to be still when the world is waking up from winter!

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