Daily Archives: April 29, 2014

poetry inspiration

This week is just as much of a doozy as last week, but I’m ready to sit back down and work on the kitchen idea some more. Looking forward to sharing that later this week. In the meantime there are a few poetry related items in the archives I thought I’d share.

This is an older post, but it’s perfect for National Poetry Month, and it’s also a great collaborative teacher’s gift idea if you are in charge of one of those projects this school year – Poetry Pot. This is also a great exercise with younger kids to get them thinking about writing simple poetry about people or things they love. It would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift as well.


Or how about embroidering your favorite poem onto a dress? It’s a great way to take your child’s favorite poem and incorporate it into an everyday item – especially a poem about movement and joy, just perfect for a twirling birthday dress.