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scenes from a weekend


We spent a warm, sunny Easter weekend with family, and did all of those things that we do each year at this time – dying eggs and searching in the morning grass for them the next day, eating together and talking together and laughing at the kids (especially the youngest one). We carry on this way because it’s important to, and we find joy in it. But she is everywhere we look – around the table with the hard boiled eggs, hunched over in the yard looking for foil wrapped candies, at the buffet with a breakfast plate piled high with bacon, just beyond us – where we all find ourselves staring occasionally. Beyond the noise and the laughter close at hand, we catch each other gazing off into the distance – quietly, and removed from the present. She’s everywhere and nowhere, and we all feel it in the very center of our gut, while the girls gather around the table and write her name a dozen times over on the eggs she should be coloring herself, and then a dozen times again.


It’s been a few days now, and I still find myself wishing I’ll spot her in these photographs, where she is supposed to be – goofing off with her uncle, cuddled up on the couch with her cousins, next to her grandfather’s elbow. My chest is tight from the searching.


chop chop


As fond as I am of attempting to braid her hair exactly the same way that Elsa does in the movie (every morning), it was time for a shape up around here. I loved the length (when it was pulled back into neat braids), but those braids stayed neat for approximately twenty minutes, and then she was just a mess of tangled hair in the face for the rest of the day. Then one day she just announced that she wanted to cut it all off – but finding time to get her in somewhere for a cut just wasn’t happening. At the last minute we decided to get it done while visiting family for Easter, and we snagged her a quick appointment for a cut. We took down the braids, and they measured out two pigtails that were long enough to donate. Chop, chop and they were off. 

Now she looks like this, and even though it’s only been two days, it’s hard to imagine a better cut for this kid’s personality.


Tonight, while she was in the tub, she leaned back dramatically into the water and lamented the fact that it was going to be at least fifty-hundred years before she’d ever get to do an Elsa hairstyle again. Then she sat back up, short hair dripping water down her back and said “But luckily it only takes fifty seconds to wash it now.” She thought about that trade off for a few seconds and giggled to herself. “Lucky me!” she laughed, and went back under the water again.

She called her Grandpa tonight, and when he answered the phone he asked who it was on the other line. “Grandpa, it’s me, F, just with a new haircut!” When she got off the phone she laughed and told me that nobody knows who she is anymore, now that her hair looks so different. I think she’s really enjoying this change, settling into a new look, and having something fun to talk about with family. It cracks her up to think she can pull one over on Grandpa, as if he could ever mistake that conversationalist on the other end of the line for anybody else.

admiring: 18 april 2014

This is a quick roundup today – it’s been a busy, busy week, but I still wanted to put a few things out there that might interest you as well.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.27.54 PM


The annual Soulard Soiree is coming up – this event is so much fun, and helps to support the school’s sliding scale tuition program. The food and drinks are amazing, the silent and live auctions items are drool-worthy, and everyone is welcome. Hoping for some more of this spectacular spring weather for the afternoon event in McGurks’s garden. (2pm-6pm – more information here). You’ll be seeing some of the things I’m working on for this event next week.

01 A Queen Within, Viktor and Rolf, Courtesy Museum Boijman van Beuningen, Thespian Queen, Photo Sarah Carmody 2

You’ve got two more days to see this exhibit – and bonus! It’s free admission this week, so no excuses. I hobbled through it last night with E and we loved every single detail of it.

This interview with the husband and wife team responsible for that Frozen soundtrack you can’t get out of your head is hilarious. It’s okay to not be a princess fan! I wish I could figure out how to embed the Instagram video of F singing Let it Go, but I don’t think I can since it’s a private account.



And most importantly – we’re gearing up for the Sparkle Run – a family 5K memorial race in honor of my niece. While she was undergoing cancer treatments she decided the dated playground at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines needed to go – and she pledged to raise money for a new one as soon as she was better. Her parents and sister have taken up that charge, and I’m happy to say that there has been an overwhelming outpouring of support towards this goal. There are a few ways to help out: You can donate directly to the fund at this link (designate it to the Erin Moomey Memorial Playground Fund – check the box at the bottom of the form, choose ‘in memory of’ and type in her name / playground fund), sign up to be included on the Bone Marrow Registry at Be The Match, or simply put on something extra sparkly on May 4th for Erin, and dedicate one of those weekend miles you walk or run to her memory.

We’ll be missing her sparkle so much this Easter weekend. I hope you have a wonderful spring weekend with family and friends.