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the sparkle run

2014-05-04_1399223855Wagon Decorating
I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never really been a pink girl – even with two girls of my own. But I can tell you it’s a pretty powerful thing to see over 1500 people (girls, naturally – but also boys, men, and even dogs) wearing it and running in it for one very special girl. Here are more gorgeous photographs from the event.


One very missed little girl.

Ribbon TutusBoys in PinkBallet Dog
Dogs in Tutus

I watched this year from the sidelines, but I think I had the best view – watching everyone line up, take off and then round the final bend to the finish line.


Including one special girl of my own that ran her first 5K for her cousin.

She crossed the finish line hand in hand with Erin’s other fifth grade cousin. I love this photo so much, but it’s so terribly hard to look at it as well. There should be three girls here crossing that line, and later this month – a stage, as they move on from elementary school to middle school. I’m so proud of my niece’s goal to make the hospital more fun for patients while they are there, and I’m so proud of her parents and sister for working so hard to make the new playground a reality. I was so touched by the tremendous support and joy shown on that race day. It’s just a bittersweet thing without her.