Daily Archives: May 12, 2014

scenes from the end of a weekend

Sunday afternoon, E and M returned from their weekend Girl Scout camping trip (where they managed to dodge the thunderstorms and rain we had at the house), and everyone reunited over a late lunch at the Mud House. When we got back to the house we headed outside – E wrapped up a few things on her science fair project, M put away tarps and tents, and F climbed trees and painted rocks and sticks. We had a late dinner and by the time everyone was in bed it was late.


E used to fall asleep in her books all the time, but F never does. She usually reads to herself for a few minutes, calls down to us that she’s turning off her reading light, and then goes to sleep. Last night she never called down, but it was strangely silent up there. An hour later, as we were headed to bed, we checked on everyone and there she was – frozen in time.


And so we kick off another busy May week – wishing I had just one more weekend day in me first.