Daily Archives: May 23, 2014

summer! summer! summer!

Today is the last day of school, and even though it doesn’t mean long, lazy days ahead for me, it’s still a completely different mindset. I’m particularly excited for E – she graduated from elementary school on Wednesday and she has the whole summer to look forward to. Trips to grandparents’ and cousins’ houses, a slew of fun summer camps like swimming, soccer, Girl Scout camp, clay camp, classes in comedy and calligraphy and gouache and mixed media and traditional photography techniques and stop motion animation… her summers are so different than the summers I had as a kid. They sound busy, but they aren’t. Well, busy in the way that two working parents have to juggle transportation and logistics, but relaxed and creative and joyful in the way that this girl likes to operate.

She’ll be in middle school in a few short months, and I have a feeling time is going to speed up even more at that point. I’m excited for this summer for her, and I’m glad for the deep breath it means for our family as well.

Here are some photos of the Spring Violin Concert and her graduation.


Above: E and her teachers. She’s been really fortunate to have such fantastic teachers- they’ve challenged her, but they’ve also loved her, and that combination is a lucky, lucky thing. She sat down and wrote them letters last night, and when she read them aloud to me I secretly cried at the counter, mixing and rolling out cookies for these two very special people.


E had lots of special guests as well – grandparents that came in for the event, and helped set up and serve the 200+ people that attended.

My mom even brought huge containers full of cut flowers from her garden for the event – and left a few with me to enjoy!


A surprise visit from a best friend from the very first day of school…


..and another surprise visit from a special teacher along the way.

Past Teachers

The principal read a few things aloud about each graduate – and when it was E’s turn the tears started flowing. She is creative, funny, smart, talented, artistic and kind, and I’m so incredibly proud of her journey for this first half of her primary education. But when her principal added that she is so very huggable and  “a friend to all”, it made my heart sing. What a gift these years have been.