admiring: 30 may 2014

It’s summertime… and I’m indoors now, studying for an exam. Boo. Here are some things that are distracting me from that task this week.

Fence designs for small, urban lots. These in particular from Groundworks, Inc.

Waverly Place from Groundworks, Gardenista

Greenwich Village Garden, Groundworks, Gardenista

Skandhas. Hyblaean. Feijoada. Augenphilologie. Sdrucciola. Holluschick. Thyemelici. Paixtle. Encaenia. Terreplein. Some of the championship words spelled correctly in an historic finish during the national spelling bee.

Be still my heart. New additions to Opencase.

Henrybuilt-Opencase Pantry

Do you have your Circus Flora tickets yet? Forgo the more expensive ones, the side mezzanine has always treated us well, and then we have enough left over for sno-cones.

Want to take the Dinner: A Love Story challenge? Sign up here, and get an advanced copy of their cookbook. Not familiar with their story? Get out of your family dinner rut with a good read of their blog.

Have you ever tasted an ice cream that completely rocked your world? I did, last summer. The recipe’s in the new book, and that new book is on my shelves now.

Maya Angelou reads “Still I Rise”.

And because it’s summertime – need some good ideas to keep the troops from getting restless? Check out this terrific idea-filled post, or better yet, follow her blog for daily inspiration.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. oh please please open a jeni’s (or a kristin’s!). I will send in my job application with haste and be on the scooping team!
    ordered my very own ice cream maker today. thank you for the inspiration!

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