Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

rethinking resolutions: june and july (and a five year flashback)

We’re a couple of days into a new month and I should probably talk a little about my goal for this month. Brace yourself, it’s not very thrilling. 

I’m actually combining June and July together because the next six weeks are going to be a bit of a blur. I’ve long, long, long procrastinated on taking some professional exams because I got married, gutted a house, had a kid, hung out with the kid, had another kid, and hung out with her as well. I’m not saying it wasn’t possible to take the tests while juggling any of those other things – it just wasn’t my choice. When the girls were little, I worked and they went to daycare. When the end of the workday came around, it was our time – not study time. Same thing for the weekends, which are particularly important to me because of the amount of time I spend at work during the week.

But we’re just a few weeks away from writing out that final daycare check (can you hear the heavenly chorus singing?), my family still needs me but can spare me for awhile occasionally, and quite frankly, I’m veering towards forty at a rapid pace these days, and goshdarnit, I’m going to finish this before that day.There are seven exams and they are fairly intense, all-day events (anything over five hours in a testing center cubicle qualifies as all-day to me). I’m planning a very condensed run at them all, partly because I’m sick of procrastinating, and partly because I know myself well enough to realize that if I give myself a month to study, I’ll really just buckle down during that final week.

I’m essentially tackling one every two weeks or so for the next six weeks, then I’ll crash on a tropical beach somewhere to recover. I plan to take off the month of August to recover a bit around the house and help the girls transition (both of them) to new schools. And then I’ll be back at it – taking the other four in two week increments if the test scheduling all aligns. If I have to slide a bit into November I will, but I want to be done by the middle of the month, catch my breath, and relax through the holidays.
If I fail any of them, I won’t be able to take those sections again for six months – you know, right around my fortieth birthday. So I’m not planning on failing them, and that seems like birthday present enough for me.

This means that third story(ies) posting is going to be a little light, I’m afraid. I’ll still try to pop in a few times a week, but probably no more than that. Hopefully some of those posts will include some bold texted “I PASSED!” notes. The last major exam I took was the LEED exam, exactly five years ago – and I looked like THIS:

Four hour exam, eight months pregnant, sixteen bathroom breaks, and one severe case of pregnancy brain and I still passed it. Let’s hope that bowling ball underneath my shirt wasn’t my only good luck charm in the arsenal.

How I want to feel at the end of July? Accomplished, confident (as I wait for the mail), and relaxed (by the ocean). I can do this. Wish me luck.

(Lay it on me, what was the hardest test you ever took?)