Daily Archives: June 16, 2014

scenes from a weekend

We packed a few of our annual Father’s Day traditions into this past weekend, including the highlight each year – Circus Flora. If someone were to ask me to list my three favorite things about this city, Circus Flora would make that list for sure. Part circus, part theater, part stomach-flipping-close-your-eyes-thrilling (the Flying Wallendas get me every time) – each year is new and exciting. I really loved the chess theme this year – a perfect pairing since the city also hosts the World Chess Hall of Fame.

Circus Flora 2Circus Flora 7Circus Flora 1

We always get there early to watch everything going on outside and behind the scenes. The Circus Harmony kids are a real treat. How do their mom’s watch them perform? Yikes.

Circus Flora 3Circus Flora 4Circus Flora 5Circus Flora 6

There were a few Father’s Day surprises around the house…


… and after those were opened, we took E to Girl Scout camp for the week.

Girl Scout 4

Her little A-frame cabins were about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Girl Scout 3Girl Scout 2

And everything was sunny and light…

Girl Scout 1

… until it was time to go.

Girl Scout 5

It’s not so easy to leave your big sister (and those treehouse like cabins), and watch her walk away with her new friends towards the pool.

Girl Scout 6

It got worse in the car (much worse), but that’s when a good car nap can come to the rescue.

Girl Scout 7

When you read this post I’m likely on my way into the testing center for exam number one. Hopefully six hours later I won’t be looking like the photo above in the car ride home.


I hope you had a lovely weekend and wonderful Father’s Day. I’ll see you on the flip side of my own restorative nap.