Daily Archives: June 30, 2014

scenes from a weekend (playing tourist at home)

We frequently take advantage of all the great things this city has to offer – but this past weekend we really packed it in since we had family in town hang out with. We spent a good part of Saturday climbing around the City Museum. The kids and adults loved it – especially all those roof top tunnels in the sky!



We bought tickets in advance for the Arch – a good plan considering how busy the place was late Saturday afternoon. We watched the movie first, and then we headed on up to the top. I haven’t been up in years, and I had remembered it being more expensive than it really was. Adult tickets are $10 and kids tickets are $5 – not a bad ticket price for such a cool ride.


In my mind, the movie is the best part – I love watching the construction of the arch, and the filming at the top of all those men walking around not tethered to anything, makes my stomach flip as much as any roller coaster.


In between adventures, we ate at Mission Taco, Rooster, Snarf’s, Ted Drewes, Strange Donuts, and late Saturday, after our big day out, we grabbed slices at Epic Pizza. It’s not our favorite pizza in the city, but it’s pretty good, and super fast – a great spot to rewind after a long day, restock your tank, and head just a few blocks home to your beds.

We did just that. The giggles and antics from Friday night did not reoccur on Saturday night. Four heads crashed out when they hit the pillows; with another four quick to follow.

Strange Donuts