Daily Archives: July 7, 2014

sparklers and sno-cones

I hope you had a nice holiday – it’s always a bonus when it falls on a Friday and makes a nice long weekend for travel and visits with family. And the obligatory sparkler shots, of course.


I spent the majority of both five hour drives we had this weekend studying (even by flashlight), and I read one chapter by the pool – but other than that, I stayed away from the books for a few days which was nice. That also meant filling in some of that time with other things that I haven’t been able to get to these days. I made F’s invitations which you could say are a little bit late in coming out – but they are being delivered into the cubbies of her classmates this morning which is probably more than enough notice for a casual Saturday get together.

Sno-cone invitation4

This loose “theme” came about because F really wanted a Frozen party, and I, well, I really didn’t want a Frozen party. I’m quite sure we could have run with that theme (despite the fact that it is summer) and we are hosting the party on the lawn of a park, which means no birthday table to cover with Frozen themed paraphernalia, no movie screening, no Frozen soundtrack playing in the background. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I wondered for awhile if that made me a bad mother – she is the birthday girl after all, and she’s mildly obsessed with the movie. But when I really drilled down into what she wanted to do during her party – have games and award medals, play on a playground, eat sno-cones – well, none of those things really needed to be branded by Disney to work. I asked her if we could have a (Frozen) Sno-Cone Party instead, and she agreed. As long as there were games. And medals and trophies. And she would be getting Elsa colors on her sno-cone, naturally. Deal.

Sno-cone invitation1
Her one request for the invitation was sparkles, so that’s where the giant sparkly sno-cone came from. I found a really cute sheet of red, white and blue striped paper at Artmart that seemed perfect for the paper cone wrapper, and then I went to Michael’s for the red, white and blue beads and glitter. I was going for sparkly ice in the three traditional sno-cone colors, and I think it turned out pretty well. I made the backgrounds red because that’s F’s very favorite color, and she approved. I thought she might want to help me glitter them up, but after obliging me for five minutes or so, she opted for cousin play instead. I added some red and white baker’s twine five’s to the back, and hand wrote the party information.

Sno-cone invitation3

It’s kind of tough for me to scale back the preparations this year, but I’m doing it. I had so many decorated cookie ideas floating around in my head when I was working on those invitations. But this will be simple – I’ll make her party hat (an annual tradition), we’ll pick up breakfast foods and coffee to go, and after games (and medals and trophies), we’ll all get sno-cones from the candy shop in the park and enjoy them on the sidewalk.

And there just might be a Frozen balloon in the mix somewhere…