Daily Archives: July 29, 2014



We’ve returned from a fantastic week spent with family (and this view from our balcony) in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Our internet access was very spotty, although I did manage to get onto Instagram a few times to post pictures for the rest of our family. It’s been nice to unplug, and I’m not so ready to re-plug again. Please pardon my absence here a little longer.

It had been over two years since I’ve been on a plane, sunk my toes into sand, floated on my back in the sea. There is a bittersweetness to these days – there has been for a long while now – but I can take my biggest, deepest breaths at the edge of the ocean. Two years is a long time to hold your breath, and so I wake each morning reminding myself of the saltiness in my lungs and the dusting of sand across skin before I begin my landlocked rituals of the day.