so many firsts

Yesterday was a good day, from start to finish. (Finish being both children falling asleep approximately 2.7 seconds after their heads hit their pillows.)


First Day Star

I made the same school house cookies I made six years ago, but I decorated them a little differently this time. When I was making the letter cookies the night before, I really liked the color green that I made (leaf green and a little goldenrod). It looked just like a chalkboard, especially when I piped the white dashed lines on. I debated for a bit about doing the schools like a chalkboard, wondering if it was weird to have a giant green cookie (maybe). But I thought the idea of the two roofs looking like lined paper and writing the name of the school in good “chalk” penmanship might be pretty cute, so I went with it.

School Cookies

They seemed to be a hit.

School Cookies Basket

The girls both had soccer practice after school, so this was a really significant day for the little one. We didn’t let either girl sign up for sports or other activities before five, so this is the first organized out-of-school thing she’s participated in. I’m not sure how into the sport she is quite yet, but she’s really, really into the gear.


Great day, quick night, lights out. And so we are officially into the swing of a new season around here.

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  1. Your cookies are just so fabulous!

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