fall camping trip

Last month we went on another one of our biannual group camping trips. We usually wait until later in the year to schedule the fall trip, but the only free weekend for everyone was earlier in September. That can sometimes mean pretty warm days and nights, and tent camping in cooler temperatures is a lot more pleasant than in warm ones. But we lucked out with the weather this time – it’s really been a glorious summer and fall this year.

We try to venture out to new places each spring and fall, but this trip we revisited an old favorite, Silver Mines Recreation Area. It’s such a beautiful place to camp and hike, not too long a drive on a Friday night, with a nice sandy beach for the kids to dig and play and explore, and nearby rocks to scramble across at the water’s edge. We’ve moved completely away from the individual family meals, and now collaborate on group feasts that are really too good to be considered camping food. We eat well, we sleep well, and the company is as relaxed and comfortable as the surroundings are beautiful.


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  1. Went camping down on the Current River this past weekend and it was COLD at night, but I do love Fall camping!

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