four more days

This last waiting period was the longest. There’s no published schedule for posting test results, but over the course of the past few months there has been a sort of rhythm about it that I’ve come to count on. Wednesday passed with nothing, Thursday passed even slower, still with nothing. Waiting adds this thin veneer of anxiety that drapes itself over all the other components of the day. I didn’t realize how tight my shoulders had become until I refreshed that score report page again this morning, holding my hand out over the Pass/Fail column. I watched to see if the number of tests on the list would change from five to six. When they did, I still had a second or two to decide if I should move my hand away. When I saw all those passes in a nice straight line my shoulders released their grip, momentarily, before I start the process of winding them back up again next week.

I can do this. I am doing this. One more. I’m almost done.

Looking forward to being back here with so much more to talk about. Thanks for sticking with me, and cheering me on.

3 Responses to four more days

  1. Congratulations! No surprise to me, of course — very happy for you. Know you will crush this final test.

    • Hey thanks! I’m feeling pretty good going into this last one, but these are the kinds of tests that you leave feeling pretty wiped out and defeated. It’s hard to block out that small percentage of left field questions on things you’ve never even heard of.

  2. Yes! Congratulations. Another one down. You can totally do this.

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