let’s eat: on the menu (and a giveaway)


One of the things I’m looking forward to doing again is writing my weekly post on what we’re enjoying (or not enjoying) food-wise around here. That was just one of the things I had to let go with the time crunch, but I like keeping track of food stories here.

We really do commit to trying to eat well, no matter how busy things get. It doesn’t take long with a less than desirable diet to get all four of us out of sorts. Eating is a non-negotiable thing, even when busy, so we might as well do that right, and let the laundry and vacuuming slide if need be.

Last night I came home to a quiet house (because everybody else was out working on a celebratory surprise!), and a stocked refrigerator. We use Blue Apron from time to time, and I thought the menu for this week sounded good, and it might be a nice treat for a week of waiting for test results. I got my favorite chef’s knife out and started chopping. Making dinner is really my favorite way to unwind at the end of the workday, and yesterday there might have been a little extra singing and dancing as I worked. It was a busy day, but a good one. Messages and calls and flowers and notes were coming in, and I felt connected, and supported, by so many dear friends and family members. If I could have invited you all over for dinner, I would have.

Since I can’t, I can offer you this – a week of Blue Apron meals to try out on your own. As I’ve said before, these are just free meals they give to me occasionally as a bonus for ordering from them – they don’t sponsor this in anyway. If you are interested and have never tried Blue Apron before, check out their delivery area here to confirm that you fall within it, and leave me a comment below to enter. Tell me the one food you just can’t stomach, especially if it’s something you wish you could like. Mine is fennel – it pops up in delicious sounding dishes all the time, but the licorice flavor (also anise, and licorice in general) – I just can’t do them.

I’ll draw three names from the entries on Monday night – good luck! And thanks again for all the encouragement and virtual fist bumps yesterday.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try Blue Apron. My husband does all of the cooking. Sometimes he wants a break, but these times are last minute. I do not have the ability to scan the pantry and whip something up so we end up with take out and guilt.

    • Is the guilt free, or does it cost extra?

      We have learned that we are NO GOOD at last minute dinner changes. No one can make a decision in our house on an empty, angry stomach. I love to eat food prepared by others, but I enjoy it so, so much more if I’ve planned ahead to eat it rather than feeling forced to eat it because it’s almost eight o’clock and no one’s even started the soup.

  2. I’m curious about trying this service as well. My whole family loves black licorice, but my husband’s family does not, so I know it’s just one of those things, like cilantro. The food I cannot eat is shrimp. I like all other seafoods, but after an unfortunate food poisoning incident when I was a child, the thought of shrimp makes my throat close up. I’ve tried to overcome it several times as an adult, but to no avail.

    • I feel the same way about butterscotch. I ate some and then got sick, so the thought of it still makes me queasy.

      Shrimp seems to be one of those all or nothing foods. I say all!

  3. Italian parsley- I want to like it, all the food blogger recipes use it to “brighten up” their dishes, but to me it just tastes like grass. Blegh.

    • It does very little for me either, but more than that, it drives me batty that grocery stores put it right next to it’s nearly identical (visual) twin, cilantro.

  4. I have only tried the Blue Apron once but it was delicious. For some strange reason we both liked the fennel and I am not a licorice person. It is great when the meals are all planned for you and the ingredients are all in these cute packages.

  5. I so want to try blue apron! I’m averse to yogurts in most forms.

  6. Oh my goodness! My list of what I won’t eat is so long! I sometimes wish I could just eat the same thing every day and get it over with 🙂
    But I will say that eggs and pickles are near the top of my list. Which is a bummer because maybe eggs could be a food to eat every day and not go too far on either end of too-much-of or too-little.
    I wonder if trying something like Blue Apron would get me to get more interested in food? No matter what though: I sure do like getting to peek at what you are making 🙂

  7. It’s been a blue moon since I’ve commented, but congratulations on finishing your testing! I have a good friend who is an architect, and I remember meeting her for dinner years ago after one of her tests when she was agonizing over running out of time and having to leave a staircase where it violated code.

    Would love to try Blue Apron. My can’t-do food is mushrooms. They’ve disguised themselves as pieces of chicken in my salads one too many times.

    • Oh, that is the worst feeling – the running out of time in the exam feeling, not the mushrooms lurking in your salad. (Although if you don’t like them then – gross.) In this last test, the one with the malfunctioning computer screen issue – I was doing my final, final check of my site design and with 2.5 minutes left I realized that my third rendition of the parking lot layout had one too few parking spaces. The software is SO cumbersome, that it’s not really a quick thing to fix it. So I had to decide if I wanted to watch the time run out knowing there was this one error that probably wasn’t fatal, but still – it was a known one. Or risk erasing one row of parking and replacing it in the final seconds knowing that if I didn’t get it in, my error was much more substantial. I opted to change it, but my heart was pounding in my chest and it was counting down from 5 and the screen went blank as I made the final click. So yeah, I totally understand your friend’s agony. The tests zap the life out of you.

  8. I cannot stand French Onion Soup (I know, not an ingredient, but ugh!!!). It’s the slimy onions slurped up with the cheese…. Shudder. That aside, I’ve been thinking of trying Blue Apron for a while – with a 17 month old and another due in 8 weeks (omg!!!), life seems to be getting away from me at dinner time after a full day of work (engineering, so I’ve been sending you good vibes on your test taking journey – and not so fondly recalling my PE tests….).

  9. Your good vibes worked! Good luck in these last few weeks. Sounds like it’s going to be quite the New Year!

  10. Brussels sprouts. My husband loves them but I have never liked them no matter which way they are prepared. I have to agree that I am horrible with spontaneous meal preparation. Blue Apron would be a nice change of pace/menu planning.

  11. I’m not eligible to win, but I have to attest to Blue Apron’s amazingness. I plan to sign up for meal boxes again once things calm down around here. We never got anything we didn’t like!

    A food I cannot stand would be mandarin oranges. Yuck.
    Becky recently posted…Halloween for FourMy Profile

  12. I’ve been wanting to try Blue Apron – work days are nuts trying to figure out what to cook. One thing I won’t eat? Any kind of organ meat. My logic knows it’s just another edible part of an animal. But my imagination has a hard time getting past the idea.
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  13. Runny eggs. I try SO hard, but once a little creeper of gross winds it’s way into my head, it’s over. Meal ruined.

  14. I’m kind of a goat of an eater and will eat most things. If I had to pick something I don’t like, I’d say olives.

  15. Elizabeth Millan

    My least favorite food/flavor is sweet sauces. It most often crops up in the guise of ketchup (oft requested by my 5 kids, aged 8 and under, yikes!), but can also come in the form of cocktail sauce, BBQ sauce, etc. In my very humble opinion, sweetness is best left for dessert!!

    I would love to try out a Blue Apron during one of these upcoming Fall weeks! And my family would very much appreciate Mom cooking something different than pizza and pasta for once! (And they often tell me that it is too spicy … Go figure! 😉

    Thanks for the chance!

  16. My least favorite food is bananas. They made me sick when I was little, and to this day I don’t like anything about them. And no, if they’re mixed into a fruit salad, I cannot just pick them out! Yuck! 🙂

    (And thanks for doing the giveaway!)
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