Daily Archives: November 11, 2014

gag me with a spoon (and some winners)

2014-11-08_1415406053Shelley – that mushroom is for you.

I really found all of your food aversions fascinating – especially since many of those aversions stem from bad experiences in childhood. It reminded me of a few additional ones that I have.

Butterscotch – I once tried to “impress” a babysitter by sucking on an ice cube until my mouth was sufficiently chilled, and then poured Magic Shell straight into it to see if I could get it to harden before swallowing it. I remember being vaguely successful at it, until I unknowingly snagged a bottle of butterscotch flavored shell which made me throw up. Even the smell of butterscotch makes me want to hurl.

Flintstone Vitamins – I can dole them out to others, but I still secretly hold my breath. I used to hide them in my cheek when I was a kid, and then toss them behind the bed, unchewed. Ick.

And a later one – I used to like the flavor of anchovies in things. But one night, at my previous firm, we stayed late to work on a project and a co-worker ordered a side of extra anchovies with his pizza. When he opened the tiny box of them I completely lost my appetite. They looked just like the silverfish that scurry across my hardwood floors which made me completely sick and now I avoid them like the plague.

And now that I’ve completely grossed you out right at dinner time… here are last night’s winners (as randomly selected by assigned number) – Tesse, Lauralou, and Pam! I’ll email you later with the details, so check the email address you entered when you commented.

If you didn’t win this time, I’m sure there will be another one soon to enter. The odds are in your favor! Happy eating!