Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

admiring: kitchen / dining wish list

Before I slowed down the blogging pace for testing, I was trying to post a weekly roundup of little things I heard or saw during the week that I wanted to share. I’d like to bring back the “admiring” posts, but this time around I don’t think I’ll format them in a weekly grab bag – I would rather just post them as I find them, or maybe group a couple of things that are related in some manner.

We also put the addition planning on hiatus while I tested (as well as other ongoing house projects), but now we’re itching to get back at some of those things. The upcoming holidays make it a little tricky to dive head first into all the projects right now, but they are at a slow simmer on the back burner, which is an improvement over the former status of being a dusty pot on a high, unreachable shelf. If you missed the initial addition posts and want to get caught up, they are here, here and here.

Because I’m thinking about the following – Thanksgiving, the addition plan, my holiday cards – I’m also daydreaming about having dedicated (and beautiful) spaces to entertain and be creative. At the same time, I’m really motivated to clean up and clear out a lot of the clutter in our house that has piled up over the past few months (years), and pare things down a bit around the place. I’ve been really focusing on what already have in our kitchen, and how much we use each piece. I’ve also thought about what I might want to have in the new kitchen, and here are a few of those things in that vein that I’m admiring right now.

These gorgeous napkins by Amelie Mancini that she patterns with her own linocuts. We only use cloth napkins in our house, and usually we can keep up with the laundry, but we occasionally run out. I’d love to add to our collection with these.

Amelie-Manicini-linocut-Remodelista Amelie-Manicini-Fern-napkin-Remodelista-2
And while we’re on the subject of linens, the same goes for kitchen towels. I really love these from Fog Linen.


I’m discovering that, like flours, I’m starting to be a salt horder. Right now they are in various plastic containers from the supermarket, but I want a few nice salt cellars in the new kitchen that will make adding a pinch here and there a lot easier (and more beautiful). These olivewood salt cellars from Williams-Sonoma are lovely.

And I was drooling over this image of enamelware in my latest Remodelista email – one of my favorite things in my inbox each week.