Daily Archives: December 20, 2014

let’s eat: on the menu


There was very little dinner action on our counter this week. I think we reached an all time high for dinners eaten out this week, but every horizontal surface, each burner – all were claimed by other projects.


In between winter programs and errands and work and school responsibilities, dinners were grabbed whenever we could squeeze a few minutes in. I don’t think I ate a single meal this week without doing at least one other task at the same time.

I made six batches of ice cream, three each of Dark Chocolate made with Kakao’s bittersweet discs, and Lemon Cream Ice Cream. I was looking for two flavors that would go well with the gingerbread men I made, and both of these seemed to fit the bill. The six batches filled thirty ice cream cups – most of those were tied up with string and wooden spoons this morning and sent on their merry ways.

2014-12-17_1418775711 2014-12-19_1418957267

Time for a few last holiday things in the kitchen, and then a return to a slightly more regular (and healthy) dinner menu again in the new year! Any good holiday baking going on in your kitchens these days?