Daily Archives: December 23, 2014

all our ducks in a row

photo (4)

More like snowmen, not ducks, in a row.

We’re in the holiday homestretch right now, and even pre-festivities, I’m going to have to call this one of my favorite seasons of preparation yet. Not because I finished all the things that I wanted to do (because I haven’t, still), but because I’ve truly enjoyed the process all along. The evenings have been busy, but not in the harried sense of the word. They’ve been full of ice cream samples and the smell of gingerbread, and lots and lots and lots of spent x-acto blades and glue. The first floor of the house is a big, hot mess, and the third floor now has scaffolding and a stack of paint cans in it. But we get to pack our bags and leave the mess behind for a few days. There will be time in the new year to pick it up and start fresh. IĀ almostĀ met my self-imposed card deadline – the final assembly always takes far longer than I anticipate. But M pointed out that they will all arrive during the holiday week, and that works for me.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a holiday letter and some photos of my cards this year. I hope your preparations are going well and you have some fun times with friends and family on the horizon.