saturday afternoon in the garden


I’m not sure I can really explain just how wonderful it was to go over to the garden this afternoon. We stayed mostly in the Climatron and Temperate House because that’s where most of the blooming action is going on, but it was also so exciting to see little reminders outside that spring isn’t really so far away. It was a good opportunity to dust off my “real” camera. I’m certainly no professional, but it was a treat to have a quiet afternoon to play around while the girls explored ahead of me. (More on those stuffed animals later this weekend.)

Garden2 Garden3 Garden4 Garden5Garden6 Garden7 Garden8 Garden9 Garden10 Garden11 Garden12 Garden13 Garden14 Garden15 Garden16 Garden17 Garden18 Garden19 Garden20 Garden21 Garden22

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  1. these pictures look so warm and hopeful. Spring is coming, right?

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