Daily Archives: January 20, 2015

scenes from a long weekend (with lenny)


M was out of town all weekend, so we had a bit of a girls’ weekend. A girls’ weekend, plus Lenny the Snow Leopard.  Lenny belongs to F’s kindergarten class, and he gets to spend his weekends house hopping between kids. F’s been extremely excited about her weekend, especially since her turn fell on a three day weekend! Lenny needed a little extra TLC at her teacher’s house, so we got to pick him up Saturday morning. He was so excited for F to get there that he was watching for her at the door, and he had a note tied around his neck. After we chatted for a few minutes with F’s teacher, we headed out to show Lenny some of our favorite places. Having Lenny around (and having glorious sunshine and balmy temperatures in January) was just what we needed to get us up and out the door each day.


We ate at some of our favorite restaurants, visited the garden and the art museum, turtle park and the zoo, where he saw a fellow snow leopard (fast asleep). Made a lot of colorful masks. Devoured a lot of donuts. Went to church. Worked out at the Y. And F read Lenny’s books to him each night. She’s a good reader, but she doesn’t usually care to read aloud. Lenny changed that this weekend, so he’s now become my very favorite house guest ever.


I have a sinking feeling about how tonight (sans Leonard) is going to go.