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admiring: addition inspiration

Elizabeth-Roberts-Ensemble-Architecture-Fort-Greene-Cumberland-Terrace-Remodelista-07All images in this post via Remodelista 

Project by Elizabeth Roberts Design/Ensemble Architecture DPC

A big thanks to reader Jessica for bringing this project to my attention. She said it made her think of our project, and after reading this article about it, I can see why. It’s fairly common to find modern additions to historic homes and townhomes, but many times the addition houses a new kitchen or a family room, or a combination of kitchen/breakfast/den room within in. I love and appreciate the fact that they maintained the garden level galley style kitchen (although, man, oh man, that kitchen is enormous!) and they opted to make the addition a dining room that connects with the outdoors. They did this because they find that their family spends the most time in the kitchen or around the table, and they wanted those spaces to have a real connection to the outdoors, even in the wintertime.


The house is narrow – about the size of our house, although our lot is a little wider than theirs. We’ll have a similar condition as the left side – that side of our house is our property line, and the neighbor’s house is three feet away. But we have about 6.5′ of extra garden to the right of our house (and addition), so we have some opportunity for light on the rear and the side (and the big skylight we are planning for the roof connection between new and old).


Nice Blue Star range. Yum. You should read the whole article though, and look at how huge that kitchen is.


The rest of the house is impeccable. The have the big white trim, the light gray walls, books, books and more books. I love the part in the article where it states that the architect is “a believer in a serene white bedrooms enlivened by books.” Yes, yes, I agree.


I really love the linens on this bed too. I wouldn’t mind finding some shams and a throw like these for our mostly white (with a little blue) bedroom.


I love the way the rooms uniformly incorporate storage behind simple white built-in’s. We’ve done the same throughout our house, and I’ve never regretted a penny we spent on them.


Thanks again for pointing this out Jessica. M and I are constantly sending each other images and notes and links these days as the wheels are turning. More survey updates coming soon…