Daily Archives: February 26, 2015

bye bye pink

If you’ve been around for awhile (an embarrassingly long while), then you read about my excitement when we stumbled across our Z chairs. Like so many things in life, this little project took 200 times longer than it should have. But now we’re rolling.

Kiss the pink goodbye.


We’ve ordered the fabric and selected an upholster. So now we just wait for others to do their job. I’m oddly impatient, a feeling that is quite misplaced in this scenario.

We really thought we’d go with a fabric that was generally solid with a nice mid century texture to it.

Poul Jensen Selig Z Chair

We had it narrowed down to five, and then to three…

The one on the far left was my favorite in person, but it’s wool and feels a little scratchy, like a sweater, and I didn’t think I wanted to sit on a sweater all year. So we were down to the two on the right – both are identical in texture and materials, but the one in the middle has more colors threading through it. We really thought we wanted to stay more solid, but there was just something about the way the various colors tied into things around the room that finally sold us on the busier one. I think it’s going to look  swell.