Daily Archives: March 2, 2015

scenes from a weekend


This weekend Elsa was most certainly in town. Brrrrr.

Last fall we had the opportunity to buy tickets to see Frozen on Ice through the Girl Scouts. We opted to get four tickets as a gift for all of us at Christmas, and Friday night was the big event. F stood and sang through the whole show, and the rest of us just watched her with silly grins on our faces. It was so much fun, and I can’t even believe I just said that about a Disney production on ice.


It was also FREEZING outside, and the weekend’s weather sort of took a nosedive from there.

Saturday morning we were out and about, doing yoga and picking up Girl Scout cookies, but after lunch the snow started and we sort of hunkered down. I made some good progress on the building model, and M made good progress on the taxes.


Sunday involved some outdoor snow shoveling and play, and then we all walked a couple of blocks over to Bumbershoot for a try-it-out class. F got a leotard and gift certificate from Bumbershoot Aerial Arts for Christmas because she’s finally old enough to take classes there, and we’ll probably sign her up for an upcoming session. Right now she’s in a swimming class, and we limit her to one out-of-school activity a week.

Oh – and we had Lenny, the class snow leopard, again for the weekend! Lenny had a great time with F, and this time she did a lengthy journal entry completely on her own. Lots of best-guess spelling!


Bumbershoots3 Bumbershoots4 Bumbershoots6 Bumbershoots1

Looking forward to sharing more progress on the house project with you this week. I’ve got several posts started on various subjects related to it. I should get on that before spring fever sets in…