Daily Archives: April 14, 2015

growing lighting collection


I really love Instagram, but sometimes I post something there that I would normally post here, and I forget to circle back to it. This is one of those times.

One of the things I’m (we’re) really passionate about is good quality lighting in spaces. When we did the initial work in our house, we tried to think about the various layers of lighting we wanted to eventually have in the house. We roughed those fixtures in, installed one dollar porcelain light sockets in some of those, and slowly started building our collection of lighting.

I really love the contrast in our house between the old and the new. It’s not completely there yet, but we’re working on – restoring (and accepting) the beauty of the old, and introducing more minimal, modern pieces in those spaces. We’ve upgraded our recessed lighting in the ceilings that are located in ways that wash the walls and highlight things like the built-in book shelves. We finally found the perfect pendant light for the space – it’s like a modern chandelier that bounces light around on the ceiling like a cut crystal one would – without being an antique or a crappy imitation old world style fixture.


And for my birthday, M added the third layer – this Rich Brilliant Willing LED lamp from DWR.


I’ve been wanting a reading / task lamp at the couch, and I’ve had my eyes on a few very simple ones. I love the windows in this room, and I really don’t like anything blocking them. The fixture almost disappears in the space. There is a weighted base, a slender pole / arm, and then the lamp itself is just a block of walnut with the embedded LED strip and switch. The wood piece connects to the arm with a speaker jack which is sort of brilliant because it means you can tilt the light in any direction to avoid glare.


Once the current wardrobe is moved out of the corner of the room (it’s going into the dining room, and then eventually eliminated when the addition is done), I might want to put in a small wall light at that entry. I would consider that a fixture in this same third layer of lighting – specific task lighting. I have my eyes on a few pieces that would look really nice there with the grouping of art and Blu-Dot coat rack that’s pretty much buried by the wardrobe right now.

I guess the fourth layer of lighting for this room will be the fireplace. Still saving up for that one!