Daily Archives: April 15, 2015

feuling the fire


It’s hard to stay motivated. It’s even more difficult to stay upbeat when not feeling so motivated. My to-do list feels endless at the moment. I can visualize the other side, I just can’t seem to get there.

When I start to feel overwhelmed, I take a few minutes early in the morning, or over lunch, or any time I can grab five minutes, and I pick a spot to read in the history of this house / family / life. It’s a good reminder that we can do this. We’ve done this before, and we’ll do it again. This week’s reminder was E’s attic nursery. If we can tackle that mess during pregnancy and life with a newborn, then we can tackle anything.


Willing myself to let a few things go this week and next in order to focus on some upcoming goals. Trying to let the act of spring inspire me as well. It’s tough work transforming the brown and barren into something growing and green.

Got anything you’re stuck on currently?