a rainy morning in the garden


There’s really not a time I don’t enjoy being at the garden, but I love it best on the off hours / off weather days the most. A drippy spring morning is just about perfect. Especially in tulip season.


The installation of the lanterns has begun, and that’s so fun to watch. E was especially excited to see elephants at the entrance.


We ran into other like-minded friends, as we often do on these walks. These two have been friends since they were tiny babies.


And when we were done, the little one got resourceful in the restroom. Warm toes and lunch to follow.

Garden Feet

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  1. We’re going to make an effort to go during nicer weather this week while the little one’s grandma is still here. Your pictures are good motivation for me 😉

    • You should go now, before the tulips are gone! The azaleas are out of control!

      I think I went to the garden or Forest Park every day when I was off (after the first couple of weeks). I had to get out every morning, and those were the two places I thought were easiest. It did make it really hard to go back to work though. (Besides the obvious thing, like being away from my girls.) I just got so used to being outside for the first half of every day. In my dream world I’d go to the garden every morning before work.

      F and I are going to start going on Wednesday early mornings again. Not as convenient as it was when her school was right there, but we’re going to make it work. Once a week is my bare minimum in the spring-summer-fall. 🙂 If you want to meet up with us, let me know!

  2. I agree. The off days are the best, most peaceful days to visit the garden. I LOVE the shots you got of all those tulips (my favorite). Good job, mama!
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