Daily Archives: April 22, 2015

happy earth day

We did it – we made it to the garden this morning before school!


It was a chilly morning, but the sun came out around seven and I’m so glad we went. On the way back to school, the two of us plotted out ways to make our garden mornings work – F wants to figure out a way to bring our oatmeal to the garden so she can walk around with a spoon in her hand and eat while she explores. I like her thinking.


There are so many animals out when the place is empty. We tried to get some photos of all the birds we watched, particularly one saucy little cardinal in the Ottoman garden, but the only photo that turned out was the one of these sun-lazy ducks. We have two more chapters of The Secret Garden to read, and it’s like the story comes alive in this place.


It was pretty exciting to watch more lantern pieces being unwrapped. Sort of hard to leave, but F has a Teaching Peace Parade at school later this morning to look forward to.


What a beautiful world we live in, what a beautiful little corner of it we call home. Happy Earth Day to you.