Daily Archives: May 6, 2015

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden Walk 6

We are really lucking out on Wednesday morning weather for our garden walks. I keep thinking the weather can’t get any nicer, but then the next day tops the last one. The irises are in full bloom now, and the garden looks lush and green.

Garden Walk 2

And there are also cute babies in the garden! We met up with the cutest of the bunch, baby T, for a stroll. He watched and smiled at us with his big eyes all morning – except for the few moments when I thought to take a picture of the kids together. I think he’s going to love this place, I can tell.

Garden Walk 4

They are making good progress on the lanterns – there are new things to see everywhere you look. We’ll be back this weekend with my parents – I can’t wait to spend a few hours wandering around here. It’s hard to leave after just an hour.

Garden Walk 5 Garden Walk 3 Garden Walk 1

I hope you have a wonderful, colorful Wednesday.