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mother’s day – and chairs!

Mother's Day

We’re winding down from a really fun Mother’s Day weekend. My parents came in town on Thursday night, watched F on Friday since she was off from school, and together the six of us split our time equally between gardens and eating. A perfect formula for a weekend, in my opinion.

Friday morning I pretended like I didn’t have to work and we had a leisurely breakfast at the Mud House (surprise, surprise – it’s just consistantly good). Friday evening we met up at Dewey’s because it’s Tito Santana season (sub black beans and corn for the taco meat if you want veggie option). We spent Saturday morning at the garden, where it was cool and uncrowded, leaving just before the rains hit at lunchtime. We had a stellar lunch at Osage, and rounded it off with Ted Drewes. (I got the Lemon Crumb, but swapped out the graham crackers for Oreos – highly recommend.) And then we cooked a big dinner that night and stayed up late talking about our adventures in home renovation.

Yesterday morning M and I made two batches of the almost-famous blueberry scones and a fruit salad favorite, and then we walked off a tiny bit of the weekend’s effects at Lafayette Square. It was fun to relax and enjoy the city (and our living room) a bit. Especially now that we have a place to sit again!

Z Chairs 1

The fabric arrived at the end of March and I took it home first to make sure it looked great in person. Our final choice was a Knoll fabric, KT Collection, Keaton
#K1596/8 , Color: Sherwood. I had already taken one set of cushions to the upholsterer in late February to get a yardage estimate, and then at some point M took both chairs over there so that they could repair the webbing at the seat. We had been chairless for awhile, so it was great to get some seating back!

Z Chairs 2

Especially good looking seating!

Z Chairs 3

We were extremely pleased with Tinker’s Upholstery, and I’d recommend them to anyone. If you want to see the chairs in their former pink glory, here’s one of the posts. I still can’t believe my luck in finding these. Five minutes either way, and I would have never known they existed.

Z Chairs 4