wednesday morning in the garden


I’m not going to lie. This week (and next) are a madhouse, and last night I had a meeting / work session that lasted past eleven, and it was almost midnight before I was asleep. I really, really wanted to push the snooze button this morning and skip the garden. But the sun was already beaming into the bedroom, and I convinced myself that an extra thirty minutes of shuteye wasn’t really going to make much of a dent in my exhaustion. I kicked into high gear, and got everything packed up and out the door.

I’m always glad when I do.

The lantern festival preparations are in full gear – we’ve been at the garden twice weekly, and I’m still amazed at how much more they’ve completed each time we’re there.



I love the color combinations in the area below, near the boxwood maze, plus the sun coming up between the trees beyond was just gorgeous. Today is my mom’s birthday – I hope the weather is as lovely at her house as it is here!





I hope you have a great Wednesday – I’ll pop back in soon with a slideshow of our family portraits (later today), and some of the artwork I need to create sometime between now and too soon! Fingers crossed I can pull off my to-do list this week – and hopefully catch a bit of sleep along the way.

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  1. My sense from this end of your blog is that even though it’ll be mad, this is also where you shine, lots to do, but also lots of important moments to commemorate and people to celebrate.
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    • thirdstoryies

      Ah. That’s JUST what I needed to hear this morning.

      I’m going to squeeze in a late yoga class tonight, get my head in the right place, and then I’ve got this gorgeous stack of papers that will somehow be transformed from this vague space in my head to five pieces of art if I’m lucky.

  2. Pretty pretty…just like you. 🙂

  3. love that orange poppy picture. It looks like an alien bubble head perched on that skinny little stem.

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