Daily Archives: June 3, 2015

wednesday morning in the garden


We kicked off our summer breakfast season with Greek yogurt pops with blackberry swirls – it seems like a fun idea for our walks to camp in the morning and our Wednesday mornings at the garden. This morning would have still worked with oatmeal though – it’s overcast and sixty, so not exactly blistering heat. It will be here soon enough though. And the weather shouldn’t stop you from making push-up breakfasts.

Garden12 Garden4 Garden2

The little one is outgrowing the little lambs, long legs and silly smiles.

Garden14 Garden6 Garden13

We have our tickets for the Lantern Festival later this summer. I can’t wait. They are pretty cool to study in the mornings as well.

Garden5 Garden11 Garden8 Garden1 Garden15 Garden9 Garden7 Garden10

Wednesday morning, the middle of the week. Downhill slide from here. Ice cream for dinner tonight. Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme.