Daily Archives: June 6, 2015

saturday morning in the garden

Garden 10

The lilies are on fire at the garden.

We almost slept in this morning after a late night out. But I wanted to walk in the garden before a Saturday morning yoga class I have, so I threw on some shorts, roused the little one from her sleep, and headed over.

For weeks, even among all the flowers, the garden has felt really green and the lanterns have looked like shouts of color throughout.

Garden 11

The lilies are winning the color wars.

Garden 3

Garden 6

Garden 1

Garden 13

Garden 9

Garden 7

If you visit early enough in the morning, the low sun lights up the lanterns on its own.

Garden 14

Garden 4

Garden 5

Garden 8

Garden 17

Garden 18

Garden 16

F collects “treasures” along our walks – fallen petals or blooms along the path. She lines them up in colorful patterns on bench seats or on the top of a wall for someone to discover later.

Garden 2

Garden 15

This morning we visited two of my favorite spots – the quiet garden in front of Shaw’s home, and the Chinese Garden that is easy to miss along the larger paths.

After the garden, we headed to the Y for my class (and some necklace making). Then we headed over to the market at Tower Grove for Strawberry-Basil popsicles and some produce shopping. Next week we’ll bring our swimsuit for the fountains. I think summer is nearly, nearly here.

Garden 19