Daily Archives: June 11, 2015

wednesday morning in the garden

Garden 1

This spot on Wednesday morning was exactly what I needed, even if it was only for an hour.

M and E spent last weekend camping with the Girl Scouts, then M flew to Dallas for a long day on Monday, we overlapped at the house for about three hours before I headed to Iowa City (and back) in a day. By Wednesday morning we were all pretty tired, but everyone seemed to find the energy to get up early and walk through the gardens.

This visit we made it around the Japanese gardens – and that was exciting because the water irises had all bloomed in recent days. The girls got a quarter’s worth of fish food and we headed over to the zig-zag bridge.

Garden 2 Garden 4 Garden 6 Garden 7 Garden 8 Garden 9 Garden 5

We also revisited the Chinese garden – this was F’s request, after our quick walk through there on Saturday.

Garden 10 Garden 3 Garden 11 Garden 13

I found this really beautiful flower there – the petals look like perfect hearts, with those delicate curls between them. It’s truly a place that I never get tired of exploring. Even when I’m just plain tired.

Garden 12

The weekend’s coming though – hang on!