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admiring: josie double old-fashioned glass

The glass situation in our house was getting pretty desperate. We were down to one meal’s worth of glasses – if the dishwasher wasn’t run, then the next meal found us scrambling for some type of drinking vessel. We’d resort to various coffee cups, a china tea cup, or occasionally even mason jars or a random glass candle votive that resides in the same cupboard.

We held off buying more glasses because we really loved our first set of drinking glasses – they were sturdy pint glasses with a nice shape, and coordinating juice glasses. Over fifteen years their ranks have dwindled, we’ve replaced juice cups with the occasional IKEA set, and so we ended up having about seven random glasses in the cabinet at any one time. I wanted to wait on any kitchen purchases until our new kitchen was done – less to pack up, and a clean slate to slowly build up lasting pieces that we would have and use forever. But let’s be real, glasses don’t last forever. They get dropped or chipped, and at some point – perhaps the point where you consider drinking directly from the milk carton – it’s time to replace them.

I went to Crate&Barrel, because they have a great selection, and it’s really easy to see everything in one place and make a decision. Somehow it still took me an hour. I wanted to start with sets of eight and then maybe add four to each set. I wanted two sizes – a pint glass and a juice glass. But then I also wanted stemware, and what about that new cocktail cookbook I just got, and the occasional smoothies, and the more than occasional ice cream, and I really have three mismatched stems for wine, so there’s that too… It was easy to get carried away.

Which is why I’m really excited about what I ended up buying.


A few people noticed them in this Instagram photo. It’s the new Josie Double Old-Fashioned Glass. I loved the weight of it, and I loved the detail on it, although it was the opposite of the simple, clean lines I was looking for. It reminds me of a pretty mint julep cup, and I could see it with tiny flowers in it, or sauces, or jams.


I started to think that maybe it was a glass that could do a lot of things – it could work as a juice glass at breakfast, hold milk for the girls at dinnertime, look pretty with a nice summer cocktail (like the photo from the website below)…

josie-glasses (1)

…and look really sweet with a few scoops of ice cream.

I tested out that theory the other night and it worked!

Ice Cream Cup

Perfect. (Plus I loved the name – my grandmother’s name!)

I picked up eight, and I think I might go back for four more. They really are super versatile. I also got eight of these pint glasses – they have a great heft to them. Good for ice water at dinner, or perfect for one of the zillion local summer beers we have to look forward to this season.