Daily Archives: June 16, 2015

are you going? lindsey stirling at the fox


I know a lot of you are strings players, and so I wanted to mention that Lindsey Stirling is playing at the Fox. I just got tickets for M and E to attend next Wednesday night – there are still some balcony seats available. She is going to flip out when she sees her live.

As the girls have gotten older, we find ourselves giving them tickets to events more than things for special occasions. We also make an effort to take them individually to some of these special nights out. I can still list every single show I’ve ever seen with E, and I know M can do the same. Last year all four of us saw The Wizard of Oz on nearly the front row of the theatre. It was the best splurge of the year. I will never, ever forget for as long as I live, watching F at the end of the play, eyes brimming with tears, watching Dorothy say goodbye to her new friends. She whispered “I think I might cry,” and so the rest of us did. E’s getting some pretty spectacular tickets for her twelfth birthday later this summer, of the more pop variety. Top secret for now. (!!!!!!!!)

I think Roald Dahl’s Matilda is perfect for F – thinking about giving her tickets as a birthday present. And I know the four of us would love to see The Sound of Music in the spring – sounds like a good holiday gift for everyone. If you have any other recommendations around town – really, at any time of the year – please pop in to share.