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admiring: color block towels

I’ve had some ideas percolating for awhile about our master bathroom. (I’m really good at percolating.) It’s one of those projects that isn’t really driven by necessity, although we do need to replace our bathroom sink faucet and show our exposed shower plumbing at the soaker tub a little love. The bathroom has looked the same for almost fifteen years now, and it just needs a little refresh. I’ve got all the ideas in my head, I just need to start to execute them at some point.

Last year, when I finished my professional exams, my parents gave me a generous gift in celebration of that. I told them I was going to spend it on this room because the room represents relaxation to me, especially if I take the beauty in the place up a notch.

I’m kicking it off with these:


Fouta Color Block Towels from Serena & Lily

Right before we left on vacation, I was sorting through the stack of accumulated mail and I saw these color block towels. Cotton on one side, looped terry on the other side. The blues were what got me.fouta_stack_clrblck_nvychmbry_grp
We have beautiful white towels in this room already, and when family members ask what we want for Christmas, we always have towels on the list. Let’s face it, they only stay white and fluffy for awhile. Then we “downgrade” them to the girls’ bathroom, and when they get really stiff and dingy, they find their way into the shop towel pile. I have no intention of getting rid of the white towels, but I was really taken by how pretty these are and how beautiful they might look hanging on shaker pegs on the wainscoting. I want to paint that wainscoting a really deep indigo, and I’m hoping that once these arrive (they are on backorder for a couple of weeks) that I’ll love them in person and they will give me a jumping off point for the wall color. I ordered two bath towels and two hand towels. I might add to that a little, but for now I think they might be just perfect. Simple and understated, with a modern edge to them. And maybe just a little bit like a summer beach towel, which will go well with a few other nods to the ocean that, you know, are percolating a bit in my head.

last week in the garden (of paradise)

Sanibel Flowers 2

Last week, instead of visiting the garden a couple of times, we lived right in the middle of one. These are some of the flowers that surrounded us at Sanibel Moorings on Sanibel Island. Everything was so lush and in bloom. There’s a tremendous amount of sun, but the shade is abundant, and the vivid flowers look so amazing against the dark greens. The garden is full of movement – lizards everywhere, although they are very difficult to catch on camera.

Sanibel Flowers 18

Sanibel Flowers 14

Sanibel Flowers 15

Sanibel Flowers 16

Sanibel Flowers 12

The flowers like to flaunt it down here – they seem a little more brash and unreserved. Perhaps that’s the influence of the beach. You drop your insecurities and your timidity at the towel, and let go a little. Every path around the grounds offered up new surprises, a new shot of color. It’s nice to hang out in a tropical garden every once in awhile.

Sanibel Flowers 1

Sanibel Flowers 4

Sanibel Flowers 8

Sanibel Flowers 7

Sanibel Flowers 9

Sanibel Flowers 17

Sanibel Flowers 19

Sanibel Flowers 13

Sanibel Flowers 10

Sanibel Flowers 11

Sanibel Flowers 6

Sanibel Flowers 3

Sanibel Flowers 5

Sanibel Flowers 20

Sanibel Flowers 21

Sanibel Flowers 22