wednesday morning in the garden


It was nice to get back to the garden this morning, and even nicer that we got a little reprieve from the heat as well. I know it’s going to heat up fast later today, but from seven to eight this morning it was glorious. The garden looks lush and tall! We couldn’t get over how much everything had grown in the two weeks we were gone.

Garden8 Garden3 Garden1 Garden6 Garden5 Garden2 Garden7

And our favorite garden companion was back as well – he tried to nap a little, but it’s hard not to stay awake when you have so much to look at – including two girls who think you’re the cutest baby ever.

Garden10 Garden9

We’re on the downward slide to the weekend! Hope your week is going well.

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  1. a feast! but oh so hot while we were there. baby pools and shade for us. garden — next time.

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