a weekend at home

Lotus 1

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve all been together at home, and this weekend that felt really good. I wouldn’t call it a lazy weekend, because we had plenty of things that we needed to get done. But it still felt relaxing despite the lists.

I took these pictures of the lotus flowers at Tower Grove Park after we left the Farmers Market there. They are stunning – really, there are so many gorgeous corners of this city. Vacation was lovely, but it’s still good to come home and walk the same paths each week.

Lotus 2

The week following vacation always seems to be the busiest, as we all scrambled to play catch up. M traveled several of those days, so by the time Saturday rolled around we were ready for some down time. We called a sitter, headed over to the Hi-Pointe, and saw the movie Trainwreck. (Two thumbs up.) It’s been awhile since we’ve been to that theater, but we used to be able to walk there when we were students and dating. We thought about getting drinks afterwards, but ice cream won out. We skipped dinner, but not dessert. Not a bad way to end a Saturday.


I’m so excited for the upcoming weeks. I know the summer is on the downward slide, and there are projects we want to rekindle this fall. But for now I’m enjoying the heat, the pace, the conversation, the company. Especially the company.

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