Daily Archives: July 20, 2015

portrait choices

Portraits 1

We had our family portraits taken in May by Yvonne Neimann, and then June came along and I got a little distracted. My decision making skills were focused more on what kind of ice cream I wanted to make (or eat) rather than bigger life choices. I gave myself a little deadline (the start of vacation) to make some choices, and then the photos arrived at my office on Friday. I’m thrilled with them.

We chose this linen keepsake box with prints of every shot from the session, and we also have a digital copy of them as well.

Portraits 6 Portraits 7

Because we chose our portrait site outside a library, and because my favorite room in our house is our own little library, I thought a grouping of book related photos would look really nice.

Portraits 3 Portraits 4

The bronze details on the library, the light colored stone, the blues and grays in our clothes – all of it looks really great in the living room. I also got smaller prints of each girl’s favorite photo of themselves. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to put these, but they might end up in our room, or in their respective rooms.

Portraits 2

I love these close up portraits of the girls, and I love the way they look together. You might remember that we started collecting some pieces for a large portrait themed wall in the stair hall. Now that all the work in the central part of our house is almost complete (paint, lights, etc.), I’m hoping to start working on that gallery wall this fall.

Portraits 5

There are a few other photos I know I want framed in the house, plus our extended families want some as well, so I guess our order’s not completely through. But at least this is a start. I’m so glad we took the opportunity to work with Yvonne again, and I couldn’t be happier with her beautiful work.