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a few vacation favorites


I’ve written extensively about our favorite beach place (one of those old posts is here), so I thought I’d just post a visual roundup of some of my favorite photos from our trip. In the past, all of our vacation photos were shot on my Nikon. This trip we had quite the collection of cameras – the Nikon, two phones, plus a GoPro camera in a waterproof case. Most of the trip we were camera-less – I don’t really like to take expensive gadgets down to the beach and leave them there – but I did try to get a few photos at the start of each day when I carried my phone on my runs, or when we were watching the sunset after dinner. The GoPro made a few appearances at the pool, on the kayaks, and during a couple of family floating sessions out on the water at low tide. We have a lot of really funny videos that crack us up – above and below the water – and I’ve included a few of the stills from that camera here – it’s got a funny fisheye perspective.

I miss those early morning runs just as the sun was coming up, and those long, lazy afternoons floating on the water. I even miss the appetite that comes with spending the day in the water – grocery store donuts and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches taste like the best things you’ve ever eaten. We ate ice cream cones out on our floats one day, and straight out of the carton on all the others. I miss how good a shower feels after a long day in the sun – a little prickly on sun warmed skin. I even (sort of) miss the act of applying sunscreen every hour – anything that means more time out on the beach.

And that last shot. Wow. The perfect ending to a perfect week.

Vacation 9 2015-07-11_1436617475 2015-07-10_1436534512 2015-07-09_1436440632 2015-07-08_1436379009 2015-07-05_1436109062 2015-07-07_14362691652015-07-10_1436497259Vacation 1 2015-07-07_1436279661 2015-07-05_14361173202015-07-04_14360230362015-07-07_1436279512Vacation 32015-07-06_14361857822015-07-05_14361090902015-07-04_1436046840 2015-07-06_1436204213 Vacation 4 Vacation 6 2015-07-10_1436535462 2015-07-10_1436534367 Vacation 2 2015-07-08_1436379316 2015-07-08_1436378407 2015-07-07_1436273316 2015-07-06_1436185625 2015-07-06_1436185431 2015-07-07_1436269081 2015-07-07_1436283549 2015-07-10_1436497399 2015-07-10_1436534308 2015-07-11_1436639594 Vacation 45 Vacation 8 2015-07-11_1436578318